European Cuisine 2

Travellers Guide to European Cuisine

More and more people are traveling to Europe every year. The European continent has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture and entertainment. Another area of note is Europe’s many different cuisines. The nations in Europe have some of the best foods you can find in the world. Truthfully, other continents (and nations) have good eats. However, the different nations in Europe have among the best a menu items available to consume. Keep reading to discover some of the best nations and the amazing foods they have to offer.


England is located within the United Kingdom and it is a country that provides some of the best home cooking on the planet. English people eat more than just fish, chips and pub grub. While those foods are tasty and have their place; foods such as kidney pie and Sunday roasts are highly appreciated and very good. You must experience an English breakfast as well to get a good example of the nation’s cuisine.


French people have their own unique style of foods. The top chefs of the world will eventually travel to France to learn the basic of French cuisine. Their rich and creamy dishes are hard to beat. Their seafood and crepes are hard to resist. The French know how to make a wide variety of foods that can be consumed with the best of wines and cheeses.


Tapas and seafood are among the best foods for visitors to experience. Spanish people love their tortillas but they do not eat a lot of Mexican styled dishes. Don’t get that confused. Spanish foods consists of breads, olives and cured meats. They also enjoy stews chorizos and paella. Spain is definitely a stopping point for any European excursion.


Many westerners are pizza and pasta lover. Italy is the birthplace for these great tasting foods. Wines, cheeses and cured meats are also used a lot in traditional Italian food. By the way, the pasta and pizza that most westerners enjoy does not taste like traditional Italian cuisine. These foods in their traditional form have a completely different taste.


The vast majority of people from the west typically do not eat eggplants, yogurt and lamb. However, Turkish people serve these foods within their dishes on a frequent basis. The cooks in this country don’t use a lot of sauce and spices. Still, they know how to season food. They specialize in grilled meats and seafood. Just as a side note, the type of yogurt that Turkish people eat is not sweet. It has a sour or savory taste and can be served as a side dish.


Olives, cheeses and seafood are the highlight of Greek cuisine. They also like wine and gyros. Greek food is light on the stomach and very interesting to the palate. The food is less rich than what most westerners are used to and it goes down easy.


Belgium sweets are highly coveted in Europe. The chocolate and waffles are exquisite. People love to consume them. They also make other deserts as well. You might not realize this but Belgium people love fries. They serve them with a wide variety of sauces other than ketchup. People eat them all throughout the day. Belgium hot chocolate is also a great treat. Belgium is truly a desert capital in Europe and the world.