Secrets of a Travel Mom

Hey guys, we all know that traveling with kids can be a real downer when it comes to vacations. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy taking my kids with me on excursions across the world. However, there are times when I wish I could just leave them at home. While kids are wonderful they can be a hard to deal with if you’re not prepared. One of the best secrets with traveling with kids is to find the right type of accommodations.

Hotel and motel rooms are convenient if there are no other alternatives. They will do. However, if you get a place (hotel or otherwise) with a kitchen and separate bedrooms then your vacation will be a blast. Why? When everyone has their own space they can function better and so can you as a parent.

Keep in mind that a purpose of a vacation is not just to sit around in a hotel room enjoying the accommodations. Still, having a place to stay like a timeshare is the best option. You can purchase a timeshare or get one through a timeshare resale. Yes, timeshares can be rather expensive at $10,000. Also, annual fees can cost $600 or more. Not to mention exchange rate fees for having timeshares in other countries throughout the world. Still, you should keep timeshare benefits in mind.


Getting a timeshare membership can help to reduce your costs for this type of lodging. You can join a timeshare organization and work hard to get more people to join this organization. This will save you and your supporting organization more money on your own timeshare lodging.

Some timeshares such as Global Resorts Networks where members can pay up to $12, 500 per year. This will allow them to have 20 vacations a year. There are many other packages besides this one. Global Resorts Network have other packages such as a $1995 timeshare that provides a 2 week vacation stay. Many company offer packages similar to this one or they can be cheaper as well. Some can be more expensive if the property or location warrants the fee. Many timeshare companies such as World Discovery Club has their own leveled packages as well.

Here is something to think about. The businesses typically take the higher end packages for their employees. If they decide to have an overseas conference or to sponsor some type of event; then the higher tiered packages would be beneficial for the more expensive levels. They are also excellent for travelers who frequently visit a specific location. Remember that timeshares are also available for variable destinations within in the U.S. as well.

Global Resorts Network and another timeshare company called World Discovery Club are two excellent outfits for you to become a member. They usually pay good commissions and benefits. Both organizations are less expensive for clients and they typically do not tie their workers down with commitments. Both organizations do not have maintenance or exchange fees. Their pay plan is based off a multi-level format. This helps a member to receive support for their business. Timeshare marketing provide a great way for you to travel, make money and to help people to make the most their vacation.